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by Michael C. Lount, B.A.Sc., AACI

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Greater Vancouver Top 100 Valued Houses for 2021

Click here to view and/or download a .pdf file with the Top 100 valued houses in greater vancouver for 2021.

Courtesy of: M.C. Lount & Associates Ltd.
Source: BC Assessment Authority - for personal information purposes only not for commercial use

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Please check out your assessment at e-value section on our web, a free online government service that allows you to look up and compare 2019 property assessments in your city and neighbourhood.

M.C. Lount & Associates Ltd website at includes more details about assessments, property information. also provides a link to a free online government e-value service that allows you to look up and compare property assessments in your city and Neighbourhood.


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Vancouver v. Michael Lount
Ross v. Assessor of Area #10
Vancouver v. Bramalea
Broadway Properties Ltd. v. Assessor of Area #09
Wal-Mart Canada Inc. v. Assessor of Area #26

by Michael C. Lount, B.A.Sc., AACI

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